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Kinnie, Artist

Born in 1989, on the 19th of September, Kinnie grew up in Pincourt. She now lives in the region of Vaudreuil-Dorion area.

After completing high school, she spent several years looking for herself. She completed a semester in natural sciences at Cégep of Valleyfield, then completed her DEC in humanities, acquired a university base, completed a DEP in secretarial work and finally, returned to school in January 2015 to complete her special education technique following the death of her grandmother.

Throughout her academic career, she went for opportunities to promote her artistic side of music by participating in a few competitions, making the first part of a Quebec artist in 2017 at the Beauharnois citizens' festival and composing her own songs.

Despite being taught to perform in school and to have a career stemming only from a non-art degree, she decided that one day it was time to stop being afraid and to go for her dreams; that it is possible to make a living from your passion whatever it may be.

Having dabbled in acrylic painting in 2014 and having lost the dearest person in the world in her life, her grandmother, she had put that drive, that desire, that ardor aside to focus on what we are mostly taught: Finishing school to live a good life.

She returned to this passion shortly before the pandemic and a new wind blew. With the encouragement of her friends, her grandmother who always wanted to see her happy with art and with an indescribable wind of change, she read books on painting, listened to many videos on the internet and visited many painter pages. It's her turn to shine, she said.

Abstract art with acrylic and alcohol ink is her way of conveying all that she has experienced in her life. It is her way of telling you that we all have messages within us that are waiting to be immortalized in this life for those we love and for future generations. Abstract art allows her to break out of the mold we are too often forced into, to allow her heart to speak.

She is also proud to mention that she seized the opportunity that one of the owners of the Resto-Café Quoi de N'œuf gave her. It is in this restaurant that she had her very first exhibition.

P.S.: A Facebook page is under construction and a website will be created in the following year.

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