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In the first years of my life as an artist, I painted according to requests and according to the eye of the observer. Sometimes out of fear of judgment, sometimes out of lack of confidence.

Following a personal journey, I made the decision to no longer paint for others, but for MYSELF. The discovery of intuitive painting was a revelation and a turning point in my artistic journey.

From the moment I decided that I was choosing myself, that I was no longer putting limits or constraints on myself, all my painting work was transformed.

I am driven by the deep energy of my intuition. I give free rein to it on the web. I have my own perception of the universe around me and I allow myself to reveal it to the world. I want people to be able to have access to this perception too and that they in turn can free their gaze from what constrains them.

I don't stop at using the brush. I use several unconventional objects to create effects, textures and movements. This represents even more this spirit of freedom which inhabits me by not limiting myself only to the brush. The edge of the board is not a constraint for me. I never slow down my actions.

I am driven by the mission to show the world that they have a choice to be who they want to be. The choice of bright colors, coming out of the tube and application in successive layers and stacking, lets the observer discover a different element of the works with each glance.

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