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Natalie Clark, artist

Natalie Clark was born in McMasterville (Canada) in 1962.


Funambulist mother and tireless runner, she now lives in St-Jean-sur-Richelieu. She finds inspiration in the low points of her life, when travelling, observing what surrounds her and deep inside of her dreams. Sleepless nights often bring new creations.


In constant exploration since 2012, she uses different techniques that, over the years, have allowed her to develop an intimate connection with her art and the mediums that compose it. She lets the canvas transform through a process of creation emerging where shadow and light dictate the acting out.


"My life as a backdrop is my raw material. When gazing out at the beauty that surrounds me, two things appear to me very clearly. First, the first impression, the one that leaves you indifferent, inspires you or makes you look away. Then, everything is transformed and channeled to a vague feeling or to a violent emotion. One of two things, lasciviously, I unpack the canvas dreaming of colors and the sweet emergence of my inspiration. On the other, like a wild animal on the lookout, I leap on my tubes and my brushes fall prey to spit and deliver these raw elements that arise from my being. This moment of truth takes me away from reality et propels me into a world where colors and depth exacerbate all my senses. My approach is instinctive and I deliver my place, my imagination and what remains in me of God or insane."

Natalie Clark

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