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"Connections" by John Baily

In March of 2021, during the third Covid wave, I decided to focus my artistic efforts on capturing local scenes that Montrealers could enjoy while they were confined and separated from others.

The process involved (and still does) seeking out scenes on my own, or at times with suggestions from others, taking several photos to capture the perspective and lighting I wanted, selecting one photo, to then draw... first with pencil, then with ink pen over the lines I loved, and then finishing with several passes of watercolors. The rendition of colors was especially important to me as I took liberties to embellish at times what was only hinting in the reality.

As I shared these pieces with Facebook Montreal Groups, I began to receive requests for copies. And so, I began to personally deliver high resolution scanned prints one at a time to every person who asked for a copy.


It is now almost two years in this journey. With each and every delivery , as I handed each copy to each person, I began to realize that there was something much greater than just getting a break from Covid fatigue. I believe that there are emotions my work is able to evoke for many. Nostalgia, memories, calmness , a sense of stability and even a touch of melancholy. But in all of this, my art seems to evoke a strong sense of connection to our local neighbourhoods, to a village we are all connected to.

That connects us all together.

At a time when so much time is spent looking down at screens, I hope this exhibition can help people remember to …look up… look around. Connect with what is in your locale.

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