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Julie Boisvert

Passionate about the arts, I have experimented with several forms of expression over the years: drawing, photography, writing and painting.

Since 2014, I have devoted myself more intensely to painting. I only use acrylic paint because it goes well with other mediums or texturizers. Acrylic paint thus offers a range of possibilities, which I strive to exploit. ​ I also explore different techniques such as fluid painting. This technique is in my image, imprinted with instantaneity. As the results are impossible to predict, you have to be flexible, adapt your composition; such a creative process pleases me enormously.


I usually work on large canvases with large brushes, spatulas, stencils and anything that can create original textures. My paintings are mostly abstract, but I sometimes paint pictures with more defined shapes when I work on my two favorite themes, the effervescence of the urban environment and the tranquility of the wilderness. ​


My creative work is part of a process of trial and error during which I pursue a constant learning process and where I go from discovery to discovery. ​ 

Julie Boisvert

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